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Reducing CAPEX on buying fire extinguishers and rather

Install Fire Extinguishers on Rent

with AMC included in the same price

Fire Extinguishers are one of the most essential tools to ensure the safety of any place, since it can help you extinguish any small fire or at least keep the fire under control until the fire brigade arrives. That is why it is very crucial to install one of the best quality fire extinguishers. Choose from a wide range of fire extinguishers such as Automatic, Portable, ABC Dry Powder, CO2, Mechanical Foam, Water-based, Ceiling-Mounted and more. FIRE1on1 fire extinguishers are highly capable and ideal for your office, home, warehouse, residential societies, factories.

Instead of spending a significant CAPEX, more and more business owners are now choosing to install Fire Extinguishers on rent. Advantages of installing Fire extinguishers on rent are as follows:

1. Why invest high CAPEX on buying quality fire extinguishers, when you can install them on Easy Rent.
2. The maintenance of fire extinguishers is our responsibility. Every 6 months we will inspect them and any faulty unit will be replaced immediately. We will also issue inspection certificate for your records.
3. We will also train your people every 6 months by conducting a fire safety drill and demonstration
4. 0 (Zero) refilling cost! Whenever any fire extinguisher needs refilling, we will refill at our cost.
5. The cost of best quality fire extinguishers are higher than the products supplied by “FLY BY NIGHT” Vendors. Therefore, it is advisable to install best quality fire extinguishers on rent instead of buying cheap, low quality fire extinguishers.

Now you can stay safe while staying in budget.

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