Why AQUAFIRE Guard is the best choice as Fire Extinguisher for Cars?

Posted on: 5 Jan 2021

Nowadays fires in the vehicles are too common and can cause absurd damage and even loss of life in few cases. There can be multiple causes which can vary case to case which include high temperature, engine spark, accidents, or any mechanical problems. You surely want to keep yourself, your belongings and family members who are traveling with you, and your vehicle safe from such accidents while driving.

There are varieties of Fire Extinguishers available for vehicles in different sizes and power but the most important factor is the portability and the ease of use. AQUAFIRE Guard from Fire1on1 is one of the best class ABC rated fire extinguisher that can fit anywhere in the car and is really easy to use even by kids.

AQUAFIRE Guard is the most efficient car fire extinguisher that is really affordable to buy. Some of the premium advantages of the product are:

Construction: The body of fire extinguisher can be made up of different materials which can affect the cost, strength, and weight of the product. Usually you find canister made up of Aluminum tin which make it vulnerable to blast when comes in contact with high temperature. On other hand, body of AQUAFIRE Guard is made up of high quality MS Steel due to which the product cannot rust and blast even in high temperature and the valve over the discharge area is of high quality due to which it cannot leak.

Mounting Options: The placement of the fire safety device is very important as what matters in case of an emergency is the access to it. Usually traditional fire extinguishers require expert help in installation and also need training on how to operate them. AQUAFIRE Guard is a little can that can be kept anywhere – they’re even small enough to fit in your glove box. It can be mounted on the side walls of the vehicle using the plastic stand provided along with the container.

Discharge Time & Range: A good fire extinguishing agent should be able to extinguish the fire from distance. AQUAFIRE Guard can extinguish the fire almost from 10 feet distance which make is even safer to use as you never want to be too close to a fire while extinguishing the fire. This is due to the spray nozzle which helps you to project the extinguishing agent direct to the core of fire.

Warranty: Usually the fire extinguishers come with warranty of 3 to 5 years depending upon the product. AQUAFIRE Guard comes with a shelf life of 5 years which makes it the customer choice as you will stay tension free for 5 years for any kind of replacement or repair.

Reusability & Environment Friendly: Most of the fire extinguishers of same size and power do not come with recharging capacity due to which we need to destroy them after their shelf life or when it goes empty. AQUAFIRE Guard is completely Non TOXIC, Environmentally Safe, and Ozone Friendly. It is also reusable and can be refilled when goes empty. There is a buyback offer where the used extinguisher can be replaced with a new one in exchange only for Rs. 200.

Cost: AQUAFIRE Guard is now available at very affordable cost of Rs. 600. You can buy it online and offline from listed channels.


All above features gives you a very good reason to buy AQUAFIRE Guard today for your car. This is completely made in India product with a factory setup at Rohtak, Haryana.

To order the best safety companion for your car, visit fire1on1.com and avail on-going discounts. We will be happy to deliver the safety to home.