Stop a small fire from escalating into a deadly inferno with Personal Fire Extinguisher - AQUAFIRE

Posted on: 11 Dec 2020

In just three-and-a-half minutes, the heat from a fire can reach over 1,100 degrees-Fahrenheit and create a deadly inferno. That’s why it’s imperative you keep a personal fire extinguisher in your home. When used appropriately, a personal fire extinguisher can save property and lives by taking the control over fire until the fire department arrives.

Personal extinguishers are generally meant for the house, cars or small places, and aren't designed to fight large or spreading fires. However, even against small fires, they're useful only under certain conditions:
● The operator must be aware of the way to use the extinguisher properly. Remember, it’s not possible to read directions during an emergency.
● The fire extinguisher should be kept within reach and in proper working condition.

Having a fire extinguisher available is usually beneficial. However, your main priority should be getting out of your home safely. If a small fire starts in your presence, a personal fire extinguisher can help prevent it from spreading.

A personal fire extinguisher works to extinguish small flames and prevent fires from escalating into a larger uncontrollable blaze. We have invented Fire1on1 – AQUAFIRE, which is a personal fire extinguisher that is easy to use and is capable of fighting small fires. AQUAFIRE is effective against Class A, B, and C fires. AQUAFIRE by Fire1on1 eliminates the guesswork and confusion about choosing an extinguisher as per the class and saves your precious time and saves you in case of any sort of fire.

Benefits of AQUAFIRE Fire Guard:
● Won’t rust, won’t burst
● Heavy MS Steel Body
● Usable life 5 Years
● Can be refilled after use
● Very Affordable

We advise at least one fire extinguisher per floor, but understand that if a fire does start, you don’t want to have to run too far to locate it in the home. Proceed by putting in at least one extinguisher on each floor, and put one in any other room in the home you feel necessary. Remember, if an extinguisher is available within the reach, it can save the precious time in fighting an unintentional fire.

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