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Posted on: 11 Dec 2020

Have you ever thought about having a fire extinguisher in the car or have you heard about the importance of having one in your car? Many times - Right? But have you purchased and installed one yet?

As a per a survey, the number of car fire accidents has reduced in the past few years
Now, you will think about how this number has come down. The reason is that more and more people are installing fire extinguishers in their cars. A fire can break out in your car at any time. A car fire extinguisher in your car can save both, your life and your vehicle.

Here we are making you aware of the benefits of a life-saving fire extinguisher in your car.

Benefits of Keeping a Car Fire Extinguisher
When your vehicle catches fire, it only takes a few minutes for it to burn out almost everything. This is just a single reason why it is important to have a fire extinguisher with you in your vehicle. Here are a few other reasons as well which are explained clearly in this article, to make you clear about the benefits of having a car fire extinguisher.

● An Overheating Engine
Have you ever pushed your ride to revive the car engine and spun those tires? Many times - Right? Did you know that adding pressure during warm weather puts a strain on the engine? Once heat builds up there, the parts fail and lead to a fire. Now, imagine this happens to you on the highway. Would you be able to manage the situation? NO - Without a fire extinguisher, you would not be able to control the situation.

● Unexpected Electrical Problems
The electrical short circuit is one of the major causes of car fires and most of them start with the car battery. Hydrogen gas is released when the battery gets charged. The gas gets accumulated beneath the hood. And if you have worn out the wiring on the battery, it forms a spark and causes a current that leads to a blazing fire. This usually burns the circuit of central locking and the passengers are trapped inside the car leading to painful death. A sturdy car fire extinguisher can help control the fire and it can also be used to reak the glass to evacuate.

● It Can Save a Life
Once your vehicle flairs up and you grab your extinguisher to place out the hearth. If you fail, you can get the car replacement through insurance. However, there's one thing that can't get replaced by anything. Yes, that’s your life. Imagine you are trapped within the car and you've got nothing on your hand to fight the fire or break the glass window. With this handy device, you'll keep the fire in check and can evacuate until help arrives.

● You Can Help Others in Distress
Imagine a car caught fire and someone shouting out for help while sitting within the car. If you face this scenario, presumably your good side will kick you hard to assist. There in case, your car fire extinguisher will become a magic wand. Hopefully, you'll be able to control the fire within a short time and save a life. Thus, you'll be a real-life hero by saving lives.

● Quality matters
There are few fire extinguishers for cars, that can explode when there's heat within the vehicle. Such fire extinguishers are of inferior quality made of aluminum tin body. Ensure that your car's fire extinguisher is made of thick metal body, which cannot burst or explode. moreover such heavy metal body extinguisher can be used to break glass and evacuate.

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