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Ceiling Mounted Fire Extinguisher from Fire 1on1

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Class A Fire : Wood, Textiles, Paper, Clothes, Cotton Mill, Jute Mill etc
Class B Fire : Petroleum, Oil, Paint, Varnish, Solvent, Aviation Fuel, Flammable and Volatile Liquids etc. 

Class C Fire : Flammable Gasses, Industrial Gasses etc. 

As well as Electrically Started Fires.

Product Specifications

Capacity (Kg)2, 5, & 10
Extinguishing MediaABC Dry Powder/ Clean Agent
Minimum Effective Discharge (%)95
Testing Pressure (kgf/cm2)35
Charged Pressure (kgf/cm2)15
MountingCeiling Mount Type
Operating Temperature Range ° (176) (C)Automatically at 57,68,93,107 &1430C
Available inMAP 50/ MAP 90 & Clean Agent
Effective againstA, B, C & Electrically started fires.

Product Price

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