Water Base

Water Fire Extinguisher from Fire 1on1

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Class A Fire : Wood, Textiles, Paper, Clothes, Cotton Mill, Jute Mill etc. 

Note : Do not use on energized Electrical Equipment fires.

Product Specifications

Capacity (Kg)9 Ltr
Anti-Corrosive InhibitorEpoxy Polyester Powder Coating
Conforming IS Code15683
Type of ExtinguisherConstant Pressure
Type of Extinguishing MediaSoft Water
ExpellantPressurized with N2 Gas / Gas Cartridge
Minimum Effective Discharge (%)95%
Minimum jet Length (mtrs.)More than 2
Discharge Time (Sec.)More than 13
Hydraulic Test Pressure (Kgf/cm2)35
Operating PositionUpright
Charged Pressure (Kgf/cm2)15
Operating Temperature Range0 {C}(+)5 to (+)55
Operating ValveSqueeze Grip Type with Discharge Hose & Nozzle

Product Price

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