Know About Fire 1on1

Thousands of Happy Clients

FIRE 1on1 series was incepted with a vision to cater to the global safety market with an array of effective, innovative products along with re-launching of the classic products in the era of latest technology; hence, the Generation Next of safety products. At Fire 1On1, we are engaged in manufacturing, marketing, training, consultancy of Fire Extinguishing Apparatus and Fire Prevention Apparatus. We are bound to provide our consumers, newer of the newest, safer of the safest, better than the best, and the latest safety products.

Our vision is to be the world’s premier fire prevention solutions provider, offering the most innovative and the best in its class for fire safety and prevention products to people at affordable prices. Being the premier fire prevention solutions provider does not only mean being the biggest but also the best in terms of products, consumer value, customer service, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to introduce the finest quality products to the fire safety consumer and to enable this we have a team of researchers who are constantly in the quest for achieving this goal.


Economic & Portable

Our products are highly economical and very light weight hence, portable. It enables even a child to use it during fire emergencies.


Eco-Friendly Product

Product have bio-degradable ingredients which decomposes by action of living organisms. It does not effect the environment and is bio-degradable.


Safe for You

Products from Fire 1on1 is 100% safe to humans or animals which is duly certified and tested by the agencies.



Very handy and can be picked up comfortably and thrown into fire which can help in making space for evacuation during fire emergency.


Maintenance Free

Buy it! Keep it! Forget it for 5 years. Free from refilling, free from unnecessary hassles and unnecessary recurring expenditures.


Made in India

Technology indigeniously designed and produced in India and being exported to several countries which makes us proud to belive it, use it and refer it.